The Company



The story is that of a land on the edge of events, whose story is the continuous struggle between man and nature, the history of ancient civilizations, natural catastrophes and migrations; the story of a harsh and often fierce land; it is the history of Irpinia that we feel proud of as ambassadors.

Philosophy identifies herself in a strong and basic value, the loyalty to its territory and the land that is handed down through the generations to protect a cultural identity.

The Azienda Agricola Torricino is harmoniously inserted in the panorama of the Tufo hills, the choice of the name come from the ancient medieval tower that overlooked the company site, there to protect the Tufo castle; on a hill facing south at the right of the river Sabato.

The Di Marzo family arrives in Tufo at the end of the XVII century and immediately becomes the author of a strong and visceral interaction with the country. Today that of the Di Marzo family is a story of strong men and women linked by love for the land, and the passion for the cultivation of the vine takes continuity in the path-project of Stefano Di Marzo of the Azienda Agricola Torricino.




The Azienda Agricola Torricino is mainly characterized by its wines.