Vinibuoni d'Italia 2020

Vinibuoni d'Italia 2020 says about Torricino.




vinibuoni ditalia 2020 a


Originally it was Greco.

Stefano Di Marzo's project, started about two decades ago around the grape variety that finds its ideal habitat in Tufo, is still characterized today by offering very thick Greco wines.

The vineyards of the Raone are rooted in an old mine and this bears fruit: yellow peaches emerge, pronounced citrus notes, sulfur; it is fragrant, pulpy, sapid, long-lived.

The basic Greco offers acidity which is sometimes sharp, markedly savory.

Elegant Fiano: citrus notes, pleasant smoked; sharp acidity, long and sapid.

Cevotiempo is a wine with a large fruity background; not immediate, with the charge of freshness and tannin to announce that to fully enjoy it, as the name says, 'ce vo tiempo' ('It takes time').


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